Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Audio Scratch Pad: Microsoft Excel 2007 Startup

I forget how I did it, but there is a way you can record the sound of software starting up on your computer using Audacity.  This is what Microsoft Excel 2007 sounds like when it starts up on my computer.
Microsoft Excel Startup by mattzink
Recommended Uses:  sample sounds to create your own Wilco tune or abstract music.

I wonder if I'll get a "cease and desist" from the RIAA on behalf of Microsoft?


  1. that's bizarre, and a bit unsettling. the strange part is that it gives me a very impatient feeling, i'm assuming because of it's resemblance to the old dial-up* internet connection sound.

    *i throw up in my mouth every time i say 'dial-up'

  2. Sounds like one of Bill's recordings. :)