Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obscure, Not-So-Great Songs I've Tracked Down Online

Twas an era of custom vans, pet rocks and those Dr. Scholls sandals that everyone’s sister was wearing.  It was the time when punk rock put arena rock on its ass, even if no one realized it until years later.  It was the decade of thoroughly forgettable artists.  How many Paul Davis cds are your rocking out to?  None?  What about Robbie Dupree?  Yeah, I don’t remember him either.  (You remember 10cc, but you never got a chance to replace the 8-track that melted in the back seat of the Monte Carlo.)  

Because there was always a radio on at my house, fragments of songs buried themselves deep within the wrinkles of my brain, only to resurface enough to be annoying.  Amazingly, I’ve been able to track down most of them even though I might only know two or three words from a given song.  I was beginning to think I imagined these songs.  Phew - I’m not losing my mind yet.  And just to prove that the seventies didn’t corner the market on awful songs, I included a few from the eighties.  Enjoy!
P.S.  If it is taking a long time for the embedded player to load, click here and see if it works better.


  1. i forgot how bad those songs really were. '65 love affair reminds me of now and laters at the ecc pool. and, by the way, those aren't just any dr. scholls sandals -- they are exercise sandals.

  2. gah, i wouldn't walk in them let alone exercise in them.

  3. For some reason when I was a kid I thought he was singing "six two five love effect".