Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In The Studio With Mike And Dave

I had the extreme good fortune of being asked to play bass on a Redbird song.  So I put my bass in the car (though I ended up using a different bass) and trucked out to Mahern Audio on a rainy, warm night.  This time, I remembered to bring my camera.

The fate of the song is uncertain - Redbird have something coming out; this one may or may not make the cut.  It really doesn't matter though - I love being in studios, and Mike Bushman and Dave Whose Last Name Escapes Me are great, upright guys.  It was a very positive all around and I'm indebted to Mike for the invite.  I will definitely update this blog when I know more about the release of more Redbird material.  At any rate, it was definitely a highlight of a summer that's already been pretty amazing.

If'n you want to know more about Redbird, here are two woefully out-of-date bits of info - here and here.

Dave (sound engineer) is on the left; that's me on the bass, no doubt nailing it on the first take.

Mike Bushman - Gentleman.

Mike (left) and Dave (right) figuring crap out.

Mike doing what he does best:  thinkin'.

This shot angle hides my man boobs.

Dave (left) looking at something; Mike working the punching bag.

Dave (left) and Mike.

The Fender Jaguar has a daunting array of switches, knobs and dials.  But it looks soooo cool.
UPDATE:  Mike hipped me to some more recent, useful info on Redbird.  Dig the band's website and Facebook page.  Mike posts occasionally here - so check 'em out!


  1. Jaguar bass? Never knew they existed . . . except for the super cool 6 string Jaguar baritone guitars, of course.

  2. I think that the Jaguar bass is a relatively new member of the Fender family. As you know, the Jaguar and Jazzmaster guitars are popular, so I think this is an attempt to capitalize on that populairty (though I could be wrong).