Thursday, July 7, 2011

Original Poetry/Audio Scratch Pad

The Fourth of July
for Auggie

On the Fourth of July
I was away from the breathy heat of the night
Away from the fireworks spit into the sky from cardboard tubes
Away from the sound of air conditioning units droning on
clicking off
and droning on

I was away from the bams, pops, crackles and booms splitting the air
resolving themselves as ghosts of ash and sulphur
I was away from the squeals of delighted faces turned upward in wonder
Away from smoke creeping through treetops and power lines
I was away from all of these things.

I was with you, laying on top of the covers of your bed
Reading books aloud with your head on my shoulder
while the ceiling fan cooled our skin and dried my eyes.
And as each book was completed, I quietly placed it on your night stand.
Then checked to see if you were sleeping

In the morning, when the burn marks on the driveway begin to fade
when the spent tubes of fireworks are swept into garbage bags
I will still have you
burning brightly in my heart.

4th of July 2011 by mattzink
About: Anyone who knows me knows I'm not fond of anything that goes "boom" - fireworks, thunderstorms, guns, balloons popping, etc.  Hearing what went on in my neighborhood this past holiday without the context of being outside to see what was going on (I just stuck a microphone on my front steps) kind of confirms the feeling of uneasiness that I get from such jolting sounds.  To me, this sounds a bit like a combat zone.
Recommended Uses:  can be used as a soundtrack for your movie about the Battle of Hue City  (link not suitable for minors and those sensitive to the brutalities of war).

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