Friday, July 1, 2011

Thank You, America

Thank you, America, for the interstate highway system, which - when accompanied by the rush of wind from an open car window - is the perfect venue for music.  

Thank you, America, for Bebop, one of the most stimulating and challenging genres of art you’ve spawned.

Happy Birthday to the land of whip-poor-will’s call, the coyote’s lament, the buffalo’s thunder, and the silence of the moon on Lake Michigan at midnight.

Thank you for the pedal steel guitar, the Rickenbacker bass and Rickenbacker 12-string.  Thank you for the Fender Telecaster,  the Fender Precision Bass, the Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul and the National Resophonic guitar.  

Thank you, America, for lifting your musicians to deities, then promptly eating them.  

Happy Birthday to the homeland of Mike Watt, Woody Guthrie, Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus, Aaron Copland and Bruce Springsteen.  Happy birthday to the land that gave us Johnny Cash, Public Enemy, the Bad Plus and Camper Van Beethoven.

Thank you, America, for those musicians of yours who kick the tires on the Bill of Rights from time to time; thank you also for the preachers, politicians, and clergymen who bring even more attention to those controversial, thankless efforts.

In short - America:  Fuck yeah.
Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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