Friday, August 19, 2011

Fat Friday Feature: Cris Kirkwood

Recall that each Friday I showcase an amazing bass player or bass part.  Today, you get to dig on Cris Kirkwood.  We're lucky this dude is still alive.  The Meat Puppets have so many amazing songs; this live recording showcases Cris' virtuosity on bass.  I highly recommend you dive into the Meat Puppets' album "II", even if you don't care about bass.  You'll hear amazing, highly original, drug fueled songs that can be found at the intersection of country, punk, and psychedelia that most folks think Nirvana sing.  It still stands up well to the test of time.  Cris never got the press he deserved for his bass playing - as far as I know, he's never been on the cover of "Bass Player" magazine or anything even close.  As much as people like to rave about his brother's guitar playing (which, by the way, is legit), the Meat Puppets be nothing without Cris.  

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