Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Off Topic: The Rules

106. The more one talks, the less they have to say.
107. Don’t sweat it:  NO ONE looks good in a bike helmet.
108. If an eleven year old can't draw an NFL team's logo on a notebook while the math teacher is droning on about order of operations, the designer has failed.
109. Fuck your cell phone, man.  Seriously - put it away and don’t get it out until dinner is over.
110. I don’t care how creative it was, don’t film your wedding proposal.  That’s a private, personal moment and it should be kept that way.

More rules for livin' here.


  1. on the other hand, some personal, private moments can be quite entertaining on film...

  2. LOL - I guess I'd have to concede you that, Anon. But as a general rule, I think the private moments are best kept private. You hear me, Pam and Tommy Lee?