Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Thoughts On A Music Video

Kathleen Edwards is proof that musically, there is a fuck of a lot more to Canada than Sarah McLachlan and Rush.  "Six O'clock News" is easily the best song I've heard in 5 years and is easily one of my all time favorite songs - any band, any genre.   The video for the song charmed the hell out of me.

Here is why I found it so damn charming:

  • I like KE's crazy ass curly hair.
  • I like her slightly crooked teeth.
  • I like her Cate Blanchett cheekbones.
  • I like that she had the guts to wear that stupid looking fur hat.
  • I like how she purses her lips when she sings.
  • I like how she threw in the music video cliche of throwing a tantrum on the steering wheel of her car.
  • I think it's hilarious that she's squirming around on the bed, singing while her deadbeat boyfriend is trying to sleep.  (Why isn't he trying to, uh, "get with" her or sing with her or listen to her or something?)
Check into Kathleen Edwards - if she's good enough for Letterman, she's good enough for you.

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