Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Around The Internets/Link Dump

After a delightful morning of reading Duder some books, I came to work, read this and thought "hey, what the hell?  I'll make a sad to Tom Waits playlist!  My life is great - I can handle it!"  That move almost brought me to tears upon listening to the list.  Damn that guy can write a song.

Thankfully, Jenn (happy birthday, Jenny!) emailed me with an exceptional pick-me-up tune I hadn't heard forever.  Although I'm not deep into their catalog, there are some Golden Smog tunes I really like.   I can remember years ago flying into Indianapolis from Arizona listening to "Looking Forward To Seeing You", with thoughts of hanging with the family mingled with the music in my ears.  Good times.

In other news, the Selvedge Yard has a great post about the Rolling Stones touring in support of "Exile On Main Street" in 1972.  Check it out - it's a pretty good read related to one of the greatest albums in human history.  There's also a post at TSY that showcases a  pre-plastic surgery Cher - mee-ow!


Finger tappers of the world, rejoice!  Your instrument is here!  This would've driven Fr. Leopold crazy if I would have had this in college.  He's the prof who told me he thought I'd get much higher grades in his class if I'd quit "drumming" with my hands and feet.  Whatevs.  I guess I just have a hammer in my heart.  I wanted to bang on the drums all day maybe.  I still fidget/tap a lot, so take that, Fr. Leopold!  Imma buy this device and sign up for one of your classes just to drive you nuts.

Last but not least, enjoy this NSFW mashup, which is pretty hilarious; and seriously - read this, which is as fascinating as it gets.  Don't read this, which as as boring as it gets.  I kinda got the sense that the B-Boys would've rather been somewhere else.

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