Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fat Friday Feature: Clint Conley On "Peking Spring"

"The Horrible Truth About Burma" by Mission of Burma is one of my favorite live albums of all time.  I'll spare you all the gushing about it because plenty of other people have already done that.  To listen to this album is to hear the future of college radio for the next twenty years or so.  All that crap aside, this album would be worth it for "New Disco" and "Peking Spring" alone, for realz.  "New Disco" is a much better all around song, but "Peking Spring" is like audio adrenaline (though it is not terrible, don't bother with the studio version).  From the moment I first heard it - I think I was fourteen or so - I vowed to learn how to play "Peking Spring".  I haven't learned it yet, but I think I will tonight.

And dig this video - it charms the hell out of me.  There is no pretension at all - from the clothing to the fucking Peavy amps.  Just some guys blowing the doors off whatever basement they're playing in.  Dude, I think Clint Conley's bass just the Solo cup of MGD out of my fucking hand.

There's much more to say about Mission of Burma and their live prowess, but I'll save that for the "greatest live albums of all time" entry.  To quote The Stranger, I done innerduced them enough.  To save you the trouble, Imma embed the whole "Horrible Truth About Burma" album so you can rock the crap out of your co-workers/spouse/pets.

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  1. Love the mosh break ending at 2:58 - the mosh break that launched a thousand Naked Raygun records.

    Fun MoB trivia: Roger Miller ("not THAT Roger Miller") was apparently in a very late, very short lived version of the MC5 before splitting Ann Arbor for Boston. That's what I heard, at least.