Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Haven't Moved Beyond This Tiny Magnetic Fields Playlist

Every once and awhile, I'll get so hot and bothered about a song that I can't really delve any further along into that band's catalog.  I know that The National kicks ass.  I've got all their stuff.  But to tell you the truth, I haven't gotten past "All The Wine".  That song, my friends, is pretty damn close to perfect (though I haven't a clue what they're singing about).

My friend Kara hipped me to the Magnetic Fields.  She said her boy Jay was into them, so I got their whole catalog as I tend to trust Kara's judgement on everything except maybe movies.  Similar to The National, I haven't gotten beyond the playlist below - I'm delightfully stuck.  Using a modern sensibility, the Magnetic Fields have this amazing way of uniting 50s pop and 80s synth pop into something pretty unique.  I'm sure at some point I'll go a little deeper, but for now I'm happy in this rut - thanks KaraKaraKara.  Oh - Kara has a website you should check out.  Seriously - it's dope.


  1. I haven't gotten past "I'm crazy for you, but not that crazy" because that's the only song of theirs that I like.

  2. Now you need a good, long listen to their friends The Apples In Stereo.