Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roadtripping With Mike Birbiglia

I decided to shake things up a bit about 3 years ago when we were heading out for Michigan for vacation:  I downloaded a bunch of stand up comedy to listen to on the trip.  My wife and I have some common ground when it comes to music; it's just the divergences in taste that causes a problems.  As a result, most of the trips are done without music - it's just easier, honestly.  (Note that I didn't write "silence".  I'm looking at you, jabber box son in the back seat.)  The drag about this is that it's harder for me to stay awake while driving.  My thoughts get weirder and weirder.  By the time we get to my destination, even a stiff drink won't help sort me out (but I usually end up trying that method anyway).

With no expectations, I downloaded an album each of Dane Cook and Mike Birbiglia.  We listened to the Birbiglia first.  His in-your-face whiteness and non-threatening persona along with his slurred delivery had us giggling uncontrollably until it was over. He joked of his insecurities in a way that's actually funny (and even cute), not annoying. My wife and I found ourselves repeating the jokes to each other for the rest of the trip.

(The Dane Cook record was okay I guess, but mostly it was just really loud.)

This is a really distracted entry because I'm listening to "Two Drink Mike" right now. It still can make me laugh, even on this overcast day in cubicle land. Take a listen, won't you?

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