Friday, October 28, 2011

Fat Friday Feature: Some Random Dude On A Washtub Bass

Can't say I care much for the song, but I like the guy's bass playing.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fat Friday Feature: Pete Shand Of The New Mastersounds On "Kuna Matata"

It's Friday!  That means it is time to showcase a spectacular bass player/bass part.

Pete Shand makes me jealous.  His playing sounds like it's second nature to him; like he was born being able to play bass.  It's smooth, creative and busy without being ejaculatory (which is to say he's in the pocket), and is a nod to James Jamerson without ripping off James Jamerson.  The New Mastersounds are amazing outfit, and that's due in large part to Pete Shand's playing.  I recommend you dive deep into their music RIGHT NOW.

At any rate, I had hoped to embed a live version of the tune below, but my brief search turned up nothing.  Still - dig on this anyway.  I love everything about this tune - dig the percussion, dig the Kenyan MC.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off Topic: The Rules

Continuing the semi-regular feature that I stole from Esquire magazine.

111.  Be honest with yourself and with others and stop saying the phrase "I don't have time".  Instead, say "that's not a priority for me right now".  Because if it is a priority, you'll make the time for it.
112.  Never engage in arguments with a child, especially in public.  Even if you think you've "won", you haven't.
113.  No matter how massively talented you are at a given thing, always remember that there is someone somewhere who is better at it than you.
114.  To alter the old cliche, lead a horse to water in such a way that drinking is the only option.
115.  Leadership 101:  Don't ask others to do what you yourself would not.

More rules here and here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Soundtrack For A Cartoon

Instructions:  Press "Play" on the player below, then click on the image to embiggen - you need to see this R. Crumb cartoon in its full glory.  Contemplate until song completes.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fat Friday Feature: Reid Anderson On "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

It's Friday - in keeping with tradition, it's time to feature a great bassist/bass part.  Today it's one of my favorite bassists performing in one of my favorite bands - Reid Anderson of the Bad Plus.

Hearing Reid Anderson for the first time (on an NPR review of the album "These Are Vistas") was a mind expanding experience for me.  The possibilities of what can be done on an upright bass exploded into my mind through my ears.  My reaction was just a loop:  "I didn't know you could do that on an upright bass/I didn't know you could do that on an upright bass/I didn't know you could do that on an upright bass. . . "  "Big Eater" staggers me every time I hear it - Reid Anderson (and for that matter, drummer Dave King) is a fucking monster, plain and simple.  But perhaps the Bad Plus's cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" is a gentler, less aggressive, easier-to-swallow introduction to Reid and the band.  But don't confuse "palatable cover" as doublespeak for "boring unoriginality".  Listen for yo'self.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here Is Your Short Halloween Playlist

Conspicuously absent:

  • "Flying Purple People Eater"
  • "Theme From The Munsters"
  • "Theme From The Addams Family"
  • "Thriller"
  • "Frankenstein"
  • "Monster Mash"
Predictably present is "Werewolves of London".  I also threw in a little podcast about "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".  Hope you like.

12 October:  Playlist has been UPDATED!

Scary Stories For Your Listening Pleasure

Halloween (or Jesusween for our more extreme friends) will be here soon enough, so why not get started with some scary stories?  Embedded below is an episode of "This American Life" that I first heard when it aired in 2006.  At the time, it scared the living shit out of me.  And this was listening to it on the way to church with the sun out.  Even if it doesn't scare you, they're immensely entertaining stories and I highly encourage you to listen to the whole episode - especially the second story.

You have any links to good scary stories?  Care to share a scary story yourself?  Leave a message in the comments section.  If you live close by, maybe I can come and record you telling your story and post it here.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Holy Crap - All The Sudden I Wish I Owned An IPod Touch

. . . . not that I'd have the chops to put something together like this.  Damn!

Fat Friday Feature: Dan Bergland On "Spunky Sprawl"

Today's featured bassist/bass part is Dan Berglund of E.S.T.  He and Reid Anderson (of the Bad Plus) are two of my favorite upright bass players.  The speed, precision and creativity of Dan's playing blows my mind.  E.S.T. fans know that the band has broken up due to the tragic freak accident of its piano player.  I'll have to check to see what Dan's up to these days.  For now, sit back and enjoy this performance - bass fireworks start at approximately the 1:44 mark.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Audio Scratch Pad: An American Classic - Zippos

If I make it to October 7th without a ciggie, I will have gone one year without smoking.  It's a pretty big deal for me as I am a guy who is owned by his appetites.  And yet, I cant bring myself to get rid of my two beloved Zippo lighters.  In the player below, the first one you'll hear is my "Ace of Spades" Zippo, given to me this year for my 40th birthday by my good friend Dylan.  The second one is my Bucks Cigarettes Zippo, given to me by my good friend JD.  See if you can guess which one needs a new flint.  Feel free to use this as a sound effect for your detective story, or for your Hunter S. Thompson reading.