Friday, October 21, 2011

Fat Friday Feature: Pete Shand Of The New Mastersounds On "Kuna Matata"

It's Friday!  That means it is time to showcase a spectacular bass player/bass part.

Pete Shand makes me jealous.  His playing sounds like it's second nature to him; like he was born being able to play bass.  It's smooth, creative and busy without being ejaculatory (which is to say he's in the pocket), and is a nod to James Jamerson without ripping off James Jamerson.  The New Mastersounds are amazing outfit, and that's due in large part to Pete Shand's playing.  I recommend you dive deep into their music RIGHT NOW.

At any rate, I had hoped to embed a live version of the tune below, but my brief search turned up nothing.  Still - dig on this anyway.  I love everything about this tune - dig the percussion, dig the Kenyan MC.

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