Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off Topic: The Rules

Continuing the semi-regular feature that I stole from Esquire magazine.

111.  Be honest with yourself and with others and stop saying the phrase "I don't have time".  Instead, say "that's not a priority for me right now".  Because if it is a priority, you'll make the time for it.
112.  Never engage in arguments with a child, especially in public.  Even if you think you've "won", you haven't.
113.  No matter how massively talented you are at a given thing, always remember that there is someone somewhere who is better at it than you.
114.  To alter the old cliche, lead a horse to water in such a way that drinking is the only option.
115.  Leadership 101:  Don't ask others to do what you yourself would not.

More rules here and here.


  1. It would be an interesting effort to implement #111.

  2. I find at least for me that "i don't have time" becomes a crutch. If I hear myself saying instead "that's not a priority right now", I usually feel really guilty about saying that, so I usually end up doing it. So that's good, right. . . ?