Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Audio Scratch Pad: The First Birds Of Morning

The weather has changed and honestly, it hasn't gotten unbearable - yet.  Still, I'm a spring/summer guy much more than a fall/winter guy, so I suspect that I'll return to recordings like this quite often to help me through the winter.  Just put on my headphones, close my eyes and let myself be transported away. . . .

This was recorded in late July-early August, I'm not sure exactly when.  It was a sleepless morning.  I could hear one lone bird doing his thing in our front yard.  By the time I had given up trying to get back to sleep, some of his compatriots in the back yard had joined it.  I sat on my front steps with my netbook and mic and just pressed "record".

Listen for:  dripping gutter, car that goes to the end of the street then turns, the dull hum of the city waking up in the background (which I have come to love).
First Birds Of Morning by mattzink

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