Friday, November 11, 2011

Fat Friday Feature: Freekbass Takes You To School

The clip below is not the best representation of Freekbass.  Honestly, there's only one way to see this dude:  live.  Please - go see him if he's coming to your town.  I've seen him twice and it was like an effing clinic.  The dude is a showman in addition to being a helluva bass player.  That's a fairly uncommon combination.  I saw him at the now defunct Patio Night Club in Indy (let's all raise a glass in memory of the Patio) years ago.  A breaker tripped or something and all the power went out in the club except for the power going to the amps and mixing boards.  It took them something like 10 minutes to find out what was going on.  And Freekbass kept going.  And not a single person left.  We were all glued to the performance even though we could see nothing but the power lights glowing from the various amps.  He's that fucking good.

Anyway, chalk up another great musical find discovered by my brother Paul.  Like I say, the first taste below is is free; pony up the cover charge and get the full rush at a night club near you.


  1. by the way, this is also freekbass:

  2. Wow - I've never seen this. The only person I recongized was Brian Kelly. Who was that dopey assed MC in the video?