Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Questions For You

Some questions for you:
 - I guess if she's 19 she's legal, but is any one else creeped out by the lyrics from "Hey Nineteen"?  Or worse still, the visual of Donald Fagan hitting on a comely young lass?

 - Raise your hand if you use white noise to help you fall asleep.

 - Is it bad when covers of your song are better than your song?  Even the "Glee" version is better.

 - Is there a more comforting sound to hear to hear in the fall/winter than the sound of the heat coming out of the duct work of your house?

More questions here.


  1. I can't hear the furnace run without thinking how much it's costing me . . . so, no, not the most comforting sound in the world.

  2. Alright, I really have to disagree on Don't Stop Believin'. Do you think it's a gender thing maybe?

  3. @Bill: I see your point, but note that I worded it "the sound of heat coming out of yoru duct work". True, the furnace is churning away at the other end, burning up $$$; but if I can't hear the furnace, the sound of heat coming in the room is awesome.

    @ Margie: maybe? But honestly, I would've figured if anything, dudes would like the Journey version better than the a cappella versions. Who knows?