Thursday, December 15, 2011

Around The Internet

Lots of interesting and important stuff flooding into the old feed reader of late:

  • If you enjoy a relatively free Internet, full of hilarious fair use videos and songs, do something to stop SOPA.  You have to do it today!  What is SOPA and why is it bad?  Here's some reading for you.  Just be assured a world in which SOPA has passed will be truly sad, because that means the bad guys (the recording industry) have won.
  • More activism:  Notes Toward Everything has hipped us to some action that will allow you to indulge your creative side to support punks in Indonesia, who're being rounded up and "reprogrammed".  This is troubling indeed - isn't this what the Khmer Rouge did?  Or maybe Scientologists?  (Sorry - couldn't resist that one.)  At any rate, punks have a reputation of being a close knit, supportive clan.  Time to live up to that rep if you still have the means to make mix tapes.
  • We bass players love drummers - here's one way to show your favorite drummer some love this holiday; and here's a slightly more expensive way to do the same thing.
  • And finally, check out the embedded clip below for at least two great reasons:  1.)  it's a fascinating story about one of the most iconic single chords in music history, and 2.)  It's hosted by Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive fame.  It's so charming to hear his delight in telling this story.
See you guys tomorrow for Fat Friday!

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