Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ladies And Gentlemen: Killdozer

I was trying to track down Killdozer's excellent Christmas tune, but was side tracked by this great live clip.  I had to share.  The bad sound almost enhances the power of this performance.


  1. Excellent! I wish I could drive over to Killdozer's house right now and drink some cheap beer and get a hangover.

    What the hell possessed them to play the first song so fast? And was that a cover? It kinda sounded like a Rush song.

  2. Man Bill agreed - the speed of that first song took me off guard. It might as well have been a Rush tune. Then the skanky "Cotton Bolls" performance had me bobbing me head, bringing it back to what I like so much about Killdozer.

  3. I like it also how after the introduction, the bass player goes "Thanks prick."

  4. As is sometimes the case, the most confrontational guys on stage, like Michael Gerald (the bass player), are the nicest guys offstage. Anyone I know who has met Killdozer (and that is a fair number of people) talk about how nice they are . . . although one person added that they smelled pretty bad (though it was the middle of a long tour) . . .

  5. According to Wikipedia, that Gerald is practicing law in LA now. Kinda kooky. At any rate, I've been listening to them all day. I put a bid on this on eBay - don't even know where Imma frame it and hang it:
    And you should dive into this if you're in the mood:
    Their Christmas song (I think it's called "The Xmas Song") fucking rules; i'm just trying to find it online.