Monday, December 19, 2011

Leslie Donovan Singing "Silent Night"

Here's another track from a Christmas project I did for my wife last year.  Those who've already seen Indianapolis-based singer Leslie Donovan perform know that this is the equivalent of her "indoor voice".  Which is to say she can belt out tunes when necessary. I think my favorite thing about listening to Leslie perform is she has power and control.  It seems like most folks get seduced by the power of a particular singer, but not so much the control.  No matter how much Leslie socks it to you, she's always in control.  She's not yelling at you; always singing to you.

And as this track proves, she's not a one trick pony.  I love the intimacy of this track so much.  I'm so glad she contributed to the project.  I really hope that if you're reading this, you'll do your best to track her down and see her live.  Say hello to her and you'll also notice she's no diva - she's as down to earth and modest as you can get.  So go see her.  You really, really will not be disappointed.  Learn more about her and her band here and here.

Silent Night - Leslie Donovan by mattzink

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