Friday, January 6, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Steve Smith Of The Vapors

Each Friday, an awesome bass player and/or bass part is showcased.  But you already knew that.

Please don't blow off the Vapors as a novelty band because of "Turning Japanese".  It seems that catchy hooks couple with lyrics about jerking off equals record chart gold.  (Example #1.  Example #2.)I actually like "Turning Japanese", but the album on which it appears is full of timely topics and great bass work from Steve Smith (and the rest of the band actually).  As cool as "Turning Japanese" is, I thought I'd feature "News At Ten"; but really, any track from this album is going to have a great bass line.

Besides the nimble, rhythmically interesting fretwork from Smith, the distinctive Rickenbacker bass sound that I love so much is front and center on the whole album.  So check it yo.  And oh hell:  you might as well enjoy the 80s tackiness that is the "Turning Japanese" video as well.


  1. "News at Ten" sounds so much like mid/late Jam . . . though The Jam do it better, of course. That was always my take on them: sound like The Jam, but not quite as good. Not bad, though.

  2. Funny you mention that, Bill. . .

    I actually think both the lyric writing and guitar playing is better than the Jam. OMG I can't believe I just typed that. . .

  3. Steve Smith playing on the 2 vapors alblums were insane. Magnets in particular, one the greatest bass players ever.

    1. agreed tuppy - SS is so bad ass, so under rated.