Monday, January 9, 2012

Reel Tyme String Band Flier Gallery

I used to be in a bluegrass outfit called the Reel Tyme String Band - it was a ton of fun.  Besides playing bass, I'd do their fliers.  Below are some samples.  I always stole cool graphics from the interwebs - it felt appropriate since a huge chunk of bluegrass is just stolen and re-purposed songs anyway, with the many tunes being hard to decipher from their original source.

Besides stolen graphics, most fliers have awful, corny jokes.  I guess I did that because we were playing mostly family friendly venues, so I thought that a humorous flier might catch some folks' eyes.  At least, that's the excuse Imma use.

I should mention that the Reel Tyme String Band is still around, tighter, more amazing than ever.  You should definitely check them out if you can.  Also, email them and tell them to update their web page!

(Note:  The black fliers didn't download quite right, but I'm too lazy to fix them.)

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