Monday, February 27, 2012

Ashbory Bass For Sale [UPDATED]

I'm selling my Ashbory bass to get some dough to repair a beloved camera.  I figured I'd give History Lesson readers and Craig's List trollers first dibs before it ends up on eBay.  If I know you and you're interested in purchasing this bass, just leave a note in the comments below.  Here's a link to the Craig's List listing.  If there's no action on it in a coupla weeks, I'll probably put it on eBay.  Anyway, it's a great bass that's a ton of fun, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal on a used one.

Aside:  if you ever decide to buy one of these new, the only place to get it (as far as I'm concerned) is from Brock over at Large Sound.  Brock is knowledgeable, a straight shooter and a fellow aficionado of the highly under rated G&L L-1000 - a bass I will be writing about at a future time.  Anyway, avoid the sleazy sales dudes at your local music shop and avoid the markup of all those Sam Ash-type websites and just buy from Brock.

[UPDATE]: Bass has been sold.  Looking forward to getting my Yashica fixed.  Hope I don't miss this Ashbory - it was a cool bass!

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  1. Thanks for the mention of Large Sound.

    That Yashica is cool. Kelly (the one who handles the orders at Large Sound) has been into cameras for years. She has a Pentax 67 setup (medium format), and more recently has been using digital too.

    If you ever decide to return back to Ashbory land, keep us in mind. Happy shooting!