Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Because You Demand More Unexplained, You're Going To Get It

Well, no one demanded any more, but you're getting it anyway.  I took a listen to these after I uploaded them, and I have to say I'm still (embarrassingly) proud of these tracks.  "Mary Olson" is the track that I mentioned that sounds like Green Day's "Warning" though it predates it by approximately a decade.  For whatever reason, Tom Burris (guy who was recording us) put animal noises from one of those "The Farmer Says" toys on song.  Pointless, but we thought it was pretty damn funny/irreverent.  Same with Kevin Kriner's saxophone.

Anyway, the story about this project is here; the first two tracks are here.


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  2. I feel it necessary to point out that Jim's guitar solos on "Blood and Lambchops" and "Just Different" are fucking awesome and would make Greg Ginn green with envy (esp. "B&L").

  3. Yes, the guitar sounds very robust on those imaginative and well-executed solos.

    One of these songs is a total embarrassment. I'll let you guess which one it is.

  4. I knew you'd comment about that. I think it takes a lot of sack to sing - there's no way I would've done it. That being said I'm happy to take that track down if you want. But I suspect it's not that big a deal.