Friday, February 10, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Justin Meldal-Johnsen On Beck's "Debra"

Here's what I know about this song:

  • The bass riff was lifted from a song called "My Love For You" by Ramsey Lewis.  Take a listen to it - it's a great tune in its own right even though it some how manages to make me feel sleazy (despite the absence of suggestive - or any - lyrics).
  • It was inspired by David Bowie's "Win" - another great tune in it's own right. 
  • I hadn't heard "Debra" (and by extension, "Win" and "My Love For You") before last Friday, when it popped up in one of the blogs I read.  How did I go so long without having heard of any of these tunes? Anyway, it features a live performance of "Debra", which ALSO is worth checking out.
  • The lyrics are hilarious.  Beck is both the funkiest and funniest white dude there is.
Why do I like the bass part so much? 
  • This is exactly the tone I strive for when recording/amping my upright.  I'm not there yet, but hey:  I know what I'm shooting for at least.
  • It is smoove and in the pocket.
  • It's just enough to be interesting/catch my ear, but not over the top.  I guess that's another way to say it's in the pocket.

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