Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Holy Crap One Of My Bands Is Funded By A Taco Truck And Other Musical Updates

2012 is gearing up to be a pretty big year for me musically.  I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to scratch some things off of the list of musical fantasies that I have - more on that down the line.

Trowar, the "blues-metal" outfit I'm with, is gearing up for our first ever public performances.  We know that they won't be perfect, but we're eager to refine our sound and perfect our live shows - you can't woodshed forever.  John and Fred are in town to do rehearsals before our gig at the Emerson Theater's Battle of the Bands (flier below).  I met with Fred last night to quietly run through some tunes in his hotel room.  We talked at length about what we hope to get out of this project, and we identified factors that need to be addressed to hit our goals.  Of course, the issue of money came up.  It was at this stage of the conversation that I found out something really cool:  Trowar is being funded by Trowar Tacos, a taco truck that operates on Microsoft's campus in Washington state.

The back story is this:  Fred spent about 3 weeks earlier this year in Seattle purchasing and customizing a trailer for selling tacos.  Chris Wilhite, the operator/money guy for this project (and more or less the Trowar manager) already operates 3 restaurants on Microsoft's campus.  It is my understanding that Fred and Chris created the taco truck solely to generate funds for this band.  Within a day of its completion, Microsoft called Chris and asked him if he'd be interested in parking the Trowar Tacos truck outside of building 24, which apparently is still under construction on M$'s campus.  I asked to see some pictures of the truck, which Fred showed me on his new phone (which was purchased with Trowar Taco money).  (Further proof  of this business endeavor can be found here.)  This is freaking cool.  Besides the obvious - that most of our costs for this project will be covered by the brisk business that Trowar Tacos is doing - I just really like the idea of a taco truck, esp. one that bears the band's name.  I'm pushing hard for some Trowar Taco t-shirts - once they're available, I'll let you know.
Come early - we'll probably be the first band.
We have some pretty big aims right now with Trowar and the taco money we're generatin'.  It's all talk right now, but we're hoping to have a fully outfitted, dedicated rehearsal space in Seattle sometime this year.  If this happens, I'll be flying out there courtesy of the fine folks eating tacos at Microsoft.  We shall see.

We do have a few other gigs - see the flier below.

What of the Creekdogs, the acoustic trio I play with?  We're going to be the backing band for a number of performers at the UU Church coffee house this Friday.  It's a fund raiser for the Shalom Center.  That should be pretty fun.  After that - and this is going to be exciting - we'll be part of a larger band for Cardinal Stage Company's production of "Big River".  I'm positive that this will be one of the most challenging, most rewarding musical ventures I've ever done.  I can't wait to dive into it.  It's also at an amazing venue - you should definitely go if you can.

So yes - cool stuff is afoot.  There's a lot of other potentially great news to mention; but until the reality of such news is more imminent, I'll keep it under my hat for now.


  1. "Blues metal" - does it sound like Led Zeppelin?

  2. Well, it's a little more metal and a little less blues then Zeppelin, but let's say they're among our patron saints. I'm happy as long as it sounds "heavy".