Monday, February 20, 2012

Report: Trowar's Second Gig

Our second gig was at Hoosiers Bar in Ellettsville, IN.  This is a strip mall-type bar off of Indiana 46.  You'd probably miss it if you weren't looking for it.  As with the Emerson Theater show, we really wanted live experience and to see what works for us and what doesn't.  Fred took a Thursday (not a great night for gigs, esp. in Ellettsville) and insisted that there be no cover charge.  We arranged for a sound man and everything was set.  When we arrived Thursday, we were early. The set up and sound check were fast.  We were ready for our 9:30 show by 8:45.  At about 9:40, they rolled back the huge door that separates the bar from the band room, and we took the stage.

We were 100% better than the first gig.  The sound was good due in part to the room itself and Fred's modified amp set up.  We were tight, had the right energy and when we made mistakes, we recovered so quickly that you would've had to know the song before hand to know we even made a mistake.  The sound was pretty good, and my bass was slightly over driven, giving it a fuzzy edge similar to this though perhaps not quite as distorted.  I thought it was bad ass sounding though I'm not sure it's the right sound for this band.  I also ditched using picks for this show as the blister on my right middle finger had healed into a nice callous.  It was much more comfortable and controlled;  it also got rid of the tinny sound I had at the previous show.

The feed back from the crowd - all 6 of them* - was very positive.  By the second song, the music had lured a drunk dude out of the bar and had him right up in our faces for the rest of the show, dancing/stomping/screaming.  He was very into it and only slightly perturbed when he found out we wouldn't be doing an covers.  We powered through for an hour, and I'm very proud of what we did.  I wish more people would've seen it, but all that matters is we were tight, loud and leaving them wanting more.  A great night for sure.

* - Three audience members were friends of the band, and I included the sound guy to pad the numbers a bit.

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