Monday, March 12, 2012

At Last: The Final Two Cuts Of The Unexplained's Magnum Opus "Rough"

And now we take a listen to the last two tracks of the Unexplained's cassette "Rough".  We closed the cassette with two covers - one from the Dandelion Abortions and another from U2.   It sure was fun being in the Unexplained despite our horrible name.  I hope you've enjoyed listening to these tracks!  I'll be uploading some hilarious live footage of one of our performances soon - LOOK FOR IT!

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  1. Does your life revolve around bass lines dude? Shit! Now I can't get the bass line from "Warning" out of my head!!!

  2. and the unexplained sucked!!!!!!

  3. Heh, I had this tape once upon a time. I might still have it in a shoebox hidden away with other cassettes. I have fond memories of high school of watching you guys play. Do you keep in touch with the rest of the guys? (besides Jim, which is obvious!)

  4. Dan and I have been in touch lately. (I suspect that he is the "Anonymous" commentator above.) But unfortunately, I've lost touch with everyone except Dan and Jim.

    Hang onto that cassette - it'll be worth millions one day!!1!!1!!!111