Saturday, March 3, 2012

Late Fat Friday Feature/Saturday Morning Cartoons Edition - Confusing Enough?

I had to do a last minute run for the place at which I work.  We're setting up a small sales office in Cincinnati (technically, northern Kentucky).  I found out later were were only about 90-100 miles from some really tragic events.  I'll be thinking of those that are suffering through this for the next few days/months.

At any rate, it was a long, busy day and I was unable to post the Fat Friday Feature - I'm remedying that today.  As is custom, Imma post multiple clips of bass awesomeness to make up for my tardiness.  In honor of the age old tradition of watching cartoons on Saturday morning, here are some of my favorite themes that have great bass parts.  I'm not sure who plays the bass on  "Johnny Quest" - likely just some unknown studio heavy who got the job through the musician's union or something.  But make sure you listen to it on headphones so you can hear it in all it's glory.  It's easily the swinging-est theme out there thanks in large part to the bass (and the flute).

I'm pretty sure Chuck Rainey plays on the Fat Albert theme - can anyone confirm? 

And dig this in all it's 1970s funk glory.  Again, I couldn't track down the bass player on this, but I do know that this is the Pointer Sisters performing the "Pinball Number Count".  Dig it.

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