Friday, April 20, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Can's Holger Czukay On "Moonshake"

Regular readers of this blog know that on Fridays, I feature a bass player or bass part that I think is pretty amazing.  Today, it's Holger Czukay's bass part on "Moonshake".

The bass part on "Moonshake" is not the typical bass line I'm attracted to.  If you do a search on this blog using the search term "Fat Friday Feature", you'll see/hear a lot of acrobatic, busy bass lines.  Listen closely to "Moonshake" and you'll hear that Holger is more or less only doing one note.  Sometimes, he's not even playing the note - just a muted harmonic.  And yet, I'm still drawn to the bass line; it still captivates me.  Maybe my ear seizes upon it because it is such a solid foundation in what is a pretty "loosey goosey" tune.  The song as a whole is great, but I always find myself focusing on this simple, charming bass part.

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