Friday, April 27, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Uncle Tupelo's Jeff Tweedy On "Gun"

I'm not accustomed to thinking of Jeff Tweedy as a bassist, yet that's primarily what he was in Uncle Tupelo.  There are many things I love about this video:

  • I love that a trio can fill up a room like this.  As stripped down as this set up is, you don't want for anything else sonically.
  • I love that this is a clip from Bloomington, IN.  This looks like it was a helluva time and place to see UT - they were on top of their game and would break up not long after this video was shot.
  • I love the bassist as the front man.  Yes, I know:  in Uncle Tupelo, Jay Farrar and Tweedster split those duties.  I think as a general rule, they sang on the songs they wrote (they split writing duties as well.)  But Tweedy looks very comfortable being out in front.  Hell, he even looks good doing it.  
  • For reasons unknown to me, I love watching bassists who're comfortable singing and playing at the same time.  It's hypnotic to me and often fills me with envy to be honest.
  • I'm digging the Gibson bass - both the look and the sound.
But, as you know, the point of "Fat Friday Features" is to show off the bass player and the bass part.  What I like about this bass part is how well it fills up sparse spots the song.  I definitely like how it flows in the song; the song hangs on this bass run.  Let's face it:  it's a jumbled mess without the bass part acting as the skeleton to the flesh of the guitar and drums.  


  1. Possible overkill, but worth it for Tupelo fanboys/girls:

    1. i will definitley check it out. Can you really have UT overkill?