Monday, April 30, 2012

Spotted In The Wild: Post Script

I had blogged earlier about finding one of my all time favorite guitars for sale at a music shop in town.  The photos I snapped with my cell phone were blurred, so I promised better photos - they are below, along with some other rare and beautiful things Auggie (my son) and I spotted while we were out and about this past Saturday.
The brightest sounding and best looking guitar you can buy - the Rickenbacker 360 twelve string.
This is probably a decent price for this guitar.  Still, a part of me thinks that $1,500 is plenty fair, especially in this town
I have to believe in a city like Chicago or Los Angeles, this guitar would've been snatched up
within days of showing up in the window.  This is not Chicago or Los Angeles.  Price accordingly.
The cat's eye sound hole is so boss.  
One of many details I love about this Ricky - the split pick guard.
Awesome detail #2:  flat, fully bound back which showcases the guitar's unique shape.
Awesome detail #3: laminate slotted head stock with the really cool
6 up/6 down tuners. 

Awesome detail #4:  the "R" trapeze tailpiece and the sculpted top that
accommodates it.
Another really cool note worthy guitar that was mere feet from the Rickenbacker - a Hagstrom "Viking".
This is a good guitar for the money; but sadly,  Hagstrom is another name resurrected by dudes looking
to cash in on it's mystique.  This guitar is probably made by robots, out of cheaper materials.
. . . and here's the damage. 
What a beautiful headstock.

Still life behind a Pearl banner.
Whenever we're down town, Auggie and I like to look at the Ferrari that's in
the tobacco shop in town.  One thing I like about Ferraris is the styling is so
good that it never goes out of style.  Find a picture of a Corvette or Mustang from
the same year as this Ferrari and tell me I'm wrong.
Higgins' voice came into my head, scolding Magnum for how he
abuses Robin Masters' Ferrari.  Magnum whined in protest.

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