Monday, April 23, 2012

Spotted In The Wild: A Used Rickenbacker 360 Twelve String

I decided to tag along with a co-worker to check out a new taco joint in town.  After eating, we had time to spare so we decided to go to a local music store to see what was in stock.  There, tucked amongst the Mexican made Fenders, the Squires and Jay Tursars was this - one of the greatest guitars of all time.  My heart skipped a beat or two.  Beauties like these are all over a hefty portion of what I consider the greatest music of all time.  It is so rare to see these for sale in this town; even more rare to find a second hand Ricky.  $1,900 and it can be yours.  I guess I've had my celebrity spotting for the year.

I just now realized these are blurred.  Fuck.  Imma post the photos anyway.  I probably will try to take some other photos later on.

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