Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Big River" Photo Dump

"Big River" closed last Sunday evening.  By all measures, the show was a huge success.  It was a very intense and fully immersive experience for me; one that made me a better player and band mate.  I've been dealing a little with the post show depression.  Although I still have plenty of musical projects going on, it's strange to not have a specific, premapped musical direction.  Still, I've found that the best way to get over it is to keep my eyes forward, plunging ahead as best I can.  Monday evening I got rid of all my sheet music and the audio files will be deleted from my computer.  When the purging is done, I'll have a journal entry, a play bill and ticket stub to show for it.  I will have mentally and spiritually reset by the the end of the week - indeed, I feel pretty good about things already.  It's nice to have the memories from the show; not as nice to live with the vestiges of the past that will only bring me down, you know?

I thought I'd post some photos I snapped with my cell phone.  These were rehearsals before it opened.  You can tell these are rehearsal shots because the full band is not there, the set was incomplete (note that there are no black skirts around the stage to hide the gear under the stage) and the actors are not in costume.  Still, it might give some of you a sense of what the show looked like.
The actors' wireless mics, lined up and ready to go.

The stage was raked (that is, slanted like a ramp)
and had 2 or 3 "sleds" that came in and out
depending upon the action in the play.

The cabin.  A few times, Huck Finn had to
climb up there and dance and do songs
on the roof.
It is much higher than it looks.

Testing the light schemes.

Music director and Creekdog Dan Lodge-Rigal.
There is no one who is easier to work with.
It is totally ego free jamming with him.

Bessie in the faux moonlight.

The view from my area.  I stood for about 95%
of all the shows.  It got pretty taxing after

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