Friday, May 11, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: John Paul Jones On Led Zeppelin's "Carousalambra"

It's Friday - time to feature a great bass player and/or bass part.  Today, it's Led Zeppelin's "Carouselambra".

Led Zeppelin wouldn't be the first band you'd think of when you wanted to "get your groove on" (as the kids no longer say).  You hear a great Led Zeppelin tune and you might stomp your foot, pound your fist and spin around a bit, but you probably wouldn't actually dance to it.  (And least, that's not dancing to folks who aren't Zeppelin fans.)  There's a reason there are no dance remixes of Zeppelin tunes - they're a band that bludgeons you with power.

Similarly, "funky" isn't a word that's often used to describe Led Zeppelin.  And yet, "Carouselambra" has a certain kind of funk to it thanks to John Paul Jones' basswork on this tune.  Of all of their songs, I'd say this is the one that will get non-Zep Heads off their butts and moving.  Dig it.

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