Friday, May 18, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Unknown Bassist On Felix Da Housecat's "What Does It Feel Like?"

Every Friday, it is tradition at this blog to showcase a bass player/bass part that I love.  Today, it's the bass part from Felix Da Housecat's "What Does It Feel Like?"

While the visuals on this particular user-made video make me want to jam ice picks into my eyes, the song and bass part are great.  I love the meaty tone (for some reason I always imagine this part being played on an old Fender Mustang bass.  I don't know why.)  and repetitiveness of the lick - it sounds phenomenal, so why embellish it?  I don't know anything about who is playing it.  I'm guessing it's either some poor studio dude or a sampled line lifted from a different song.  Either way, it's a little new wave and a little dance club, but 100% fun.

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