Monday, May 21, 2012

Original Music: Caleb Weintraub

I was recently approached to be a "Music Supervisor" for a locally produced horror movie that will be premiering in July.  (Trailer is here.)  All this means is that I'm to search out local bands whose music might work on this movie's soundtrack.  This is actually a bit more difficult than you might expect for several reasons, the main one being it's hard to find local bands that would have the correct sound for this movie.  The thought occurred to me that it might be more fun just to start creating music for the movie myself.  I approached my neighbor Caleb Weintraub to gauge his interest in contributing music, and he was into the idea.  So we sat and watched a rough cut of the movie and talked a lot about it.

Our goal is to create a number of songs for the director to choose from, knowing that he could potentially reject all of them.  I created a very short acapella song, but it stinks and is not worth posting.

Caleb's first try is the exact opposite.  Take a listen.  For optimal creepiness, use headphones.

Although it's not up to me, I think this song is perfect for multiple parts in the movie.  Whether or not it ends up being used in the movie, I think this song is amazing.  Here are Caleb's notes on the track:
I was thinking a little more about that suggestion we might make about giving main characters their own music - - so that each time they come in or a few beats before they appear we get an aural whiff of them... ... and maybe blending them a bit here and there -- especially when the younger brother starts getting influenced by the older brother - anyway here is a stab at a kind of sound sketch i put together thinking of the older brother.. - - it is all based on the same three notes but i tossed it around to see what would happen -- could also  have some totally stripped down versions with the notes on chimes and bowed detuned bass ...and samples from houseware, engines and the computer-turning on noises you mentioned .. .plus here and there some distant coughs or moans barely on the level of being audible..  maybe also some snippets of the brother's dialogue relating to his philosophy that could be spliced in... - 

We're going to keep plugging away on this project.  If there's anything worth posting here, I'll put it up.  I think this one is really great though. 

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