Monday, June 18, 2012

A Directory Of Awesome Bass Players/Bass Parts Showcased On "Fat Friday Features"

In celebration of "History Lesson Pt. 2"'s first anniversary, here is a directory of awesome bass players/parts featured at this blog.  NO player has ever been featured more than once, so there's a lot of great stuff here with plenty more to come.

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  1. Unknown dude #1
  2. Reid Anderson (The Bad Plus)
  3. Adam Yauch/MCA (The Beastie Boys)
  4. Freekbass
  5. Bruce Foxton (The Jam)
  6. Cachiato Lopez 
  7. Mark Rubin (The Bad Livers)
  8. Unknown dude #2
  9. Chris Squire (Yes)
  10. Steve Smith (The Vapors)
  11. Bill Clements
  12. Francis Rocco Prestia
  13. Trevor Bolder (Uriah Heep/Wishbone Ash)
  14. Scott LeFaro
  15. Wm. Sims (Scratch Acid)
  16. Justin Meldal-Johnsen
  17. John Entwhistle
  18. Unknown dude #3
  19. Mike Watt (Minutemen)
  20. Tony Lombardo (The Descendents)
  21. Unknown dudes #4, #5, and #6
  22. Kazuyoshi Kimoto (The Ruins)
  23. Trevor Dunn
  24. Victor Krummenacher (Camper Van Beethoven)
  25. Jim Prescott (G. Love and Special Sauce)
  26. Colin Moulding (XTC)
  27. Andy Rourke (The Smiths)
  28. Royston Langdon (Space Hog)
  29. Jeff Tweedy (Uncle Tupelo)
  30. Willie Dixon 
  31. Holger Czukay (Can)
  32. John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)
  33. Unknown dude #7
  34. Paul Socolow (David Byrne)
  35. Ali Friend (Beth Orton)
  36. John Taylor (Duran Duran)
  37. Bakithi Kumalo (Paul Simon)
  38. Meshell Ndeleocello
  39. The Brothers Johnson
  40. "Slick" Joe Fick
  41. Kim Clarke (Defunkt)
  42. Esperanza Spalding
  43. Cris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets)
  44. Matheus Nova (Savarah Soul)
  45. Charles Mingus
  46. Clint Conley (Mission of Burma)
  47. Chris Wood (Modeski, Martin and Wood)
  48. Dan Bergland (EST)
  49. Pete Shand (The New Mastersounds)
I think that's all of 'em!  Thanks to Bill for the occasional Fat Friday Feature.  What about the rest of y'all?  What bass players/parts rock your world?

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