Thursday, June 14, 2012

Holy Crap History Lesson Pt. 2 Is A Year Old Today

This blog is a year old today.  Here's the first entry, the middle entry, and the last entry.  Although you wouldn't guess it from that pretty lame sampling, I started this blog to enact my desire  to consciously observe and make sense of the sounds of my life.  It is a small attempt to live at least one aspect of my life more mindfully.  I think it's cool that the more I write, the more ideas reveal themselves to me.  For sure, there is no shortage of stuff to make sense of; and in that sense, this blog has been a small triumph for me.

History Lesson Pt. 2 is a nice little lark.  What this blog is not is a showcase of fine writing, grammar, logic, or critique - as long as you take this blog lightly, you'll probably enjoy it.  Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, and stopping by!

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