Friday, July 6, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Primus's Les Claypool On "Golden Boy"

On Fridays, a great bass player/part are featured here on this blog.  Today it's Les Claypool.

You knew this was happening at some point - a FFF on Les Claypool.  In bass circles, he's one of the most written/talked about/fawned over bass players of all time.  Along with dudes like Geddy Lee and Jaco Pastorious, Les has been raised to the status of bass Deity.  I'm not deep into anything Les has done with his various bands, but I do like what I hear.  I like the percussiveness and originality of his playing the most - he's not afraid to be atonal and "weird".  He has shown on songs like "Awakening" that he can be the bass nerd that squares want him to be (that is, lots of aggressive slapping and hooking and harmonics); but he often follows his own fucked up vision for how the bass/bass part should sound.  In short, he has never really played it safe by keeping everything palatable for a wide audience - his lyric writing is the same way.  He's a happy freak, and I really admire him for that.

"Golden Boy" splits the difference between "bass wanker Les" and "happy freak Les".  Have a listen -it's a good jumping off point for going headlong into this dude's messed up sound and technique.

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