Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Too Lazy

It's not a surprise to anyone who knows me that I'm lazy.  Here's a list of shit I'm too lazy to do right now:
  • Practice bass.  I even borrowed a pretty neat bass thinking it would get me excited about practicing.  So far, no go.  No practicing for the upcoming Creekdogs gig.  No boning up on Trowar material.  No going over the shit for the music theory lessons I just started.
  • Do a blog entry on how it makes me feel to get a credit as a "Co-Music Supervisor" on the movie "Found".
  • Do a blog entry on how this guy, though I don't necessarily disagree with many of his sentiments, will become the "hip" mouthpiece for conservatives everywhere.
  • Gear up to do some busking with my son.
  • Do a blog entry about the music of the O'Brien-Zink family vacations (to serve as a contrast for the entry on the music of Zink family vacations).
I know that doing any of these things would bring me great happiness and a sense of accomplishment.  And I will say in my defense that I have been journaling again lately.  But for now, I'll read another blog/check my fucking email again/generally continue to day dream about being some place else.  Likely, I'll be lazy until my self loathing won't take it anymore.  Then I'll finally get off my ass.

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