Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Off Topic: Index Of General Prescriptions

Not Sure
Blog topics (blogs I read)
Zombies, iPad cases, steampunk, snark, grilling tips, bitching about Facebook, hipster hating
Pinhole photography, cosplay, vintage snapshots, biographies, charts, sport/stunt highlight reels, Lego projects, photography tips
“Star Wars” nerdom, highly specialized/expensive DIY projects, reviews of coffee gadgets
Food intake (mine)
Food, cheese, cereal, cookies
Horseradish, dill weed dip, homemade bread
Bourbon before bed, lemonade, red meat
TV viewing habits (mine)
PBS kids, watching shit I don’t even care about (like cooking shows), snacking in front of the tube
“Rick Steves’ Europe”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Mad Men”, kung fu movies, nudity, shitty 80s movies
“Antiques Road Show”, documentaries, period dramas
Indianapolis Colts
Whiny fair-weather fans
Winning, sell out games, Bob Lamey
Andrew Luck
Beards, glorification of war, Christianity, flip-flops(footware), cheap 1980s sunglasses
Socialism, homosexuality, Afros, leg, union power, individual rights
Folklore, home remedies, opinionated bumper stickers
Newspaper comics
Family Circus, Hazel, Mallard Fillmore, Dilbert, Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible
Dick Tracy reprints, Modesty Blaise reprints, Sally Forth, one panel cartoons
Doonesbury, Frank and Ernest, B.C., Spiderman, Brenda Starr reprints
National Public Radio/local NPR affiliate
White whine from listeners, NPR mouth, classical music programming
Nina Totenberg, Sylvia Poggioli, Yael Ksander, Afterglow, history programming, This American Life-type shows
Susan Stamberg, sounds of reporters trying food, attempts at humor, sports reporting
Reader reactions to “History Lesson Pt. 2” blog entries (projected)
Bass, Mike Watt, semicolons, dashes, fawning over Rickenbackers
Correct grammar, rational thinking, formatting, photography, song writing 101
Playlists, original songs/sounds, entries about gear, “The Rules” entries

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