Friday, October 26, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Rush's Geddy Lee On "Red Barchetta"

If you're new to this blog, you should know that on Fridays I feature an exceptional bass player/bass part. Today, it's Geddy Lee's bass line in "Red Barchetta".

There are so many awesome Geddy Lee bass runs to consider.  Like this one.  Or this one.  But ultimately, I felt obligated to select something from the "Moving Pictures" album.  I have many memories wrapped up in it; and it is the album I am most familiar with, going all the way back to the days when Quack and I were bunk mates listening to cassettes as we fell asleep.  "Moving Pictures" is a great album to listen to in the dark, but Lee's bass work didn't help me fall asleep.  It was too acrobatic, too creative - too exciting to let me sleep.  "Red Barchetta" has all these amazing little flourishes that to this day make me hold my breath so I can hear them better.  The music so perfectly captures the lyrics that the song is almost an onomatopoeia for the term "red barchetta".  And then there's the tone of what I'm pretty sure is a Rickenbacker bass - it's slightly fuzzy, and that grit gives the bass run just the right amount of teeth.  Take a listen to it - see where the "Red Barchetta" takes you.

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