Monday, October 22, 2012

Gig Report: Creekdogs At McCormick's Creek State Park

This is our third October playing in McCormick's Creek's WPA-built amphitheater.  Every year, it seems as though Mother Nature gives us cool, dry weather and dresses up in all of her autumn finery just for us.  The atmosphere is definitely laid back; the vibe relaxing.  For these reasons, the gig at McCormick's Creek has become a favorite of ours.

(Left) Kevin Reynolds and (right) Dan Lodge-Rigal
tuning up before the show.

About 60 people came out and listened to us play covers and originals for about 1 hour, 45 minutes.  One of the indicators that we played well is that those who came did not leave.  Afterwards, we had many folks telling us how much they enjoyed the show - I can tell you that never gets old.
Set list, with my preamp doubling as paper weight.
We weren't perfect, that's for sure.  There was an occasional misstep, but they were usually the sort that you had to really listen for to hear.  I do feel like we may have taken too long between songs, but that is sometimes hard for me to gauge when I'm on stage since a minute can feel like an hour.  I didn't sing any leads for this show, but had multiple opportunities to do harmonies.  I did an adequate job - would like to tighten things up a bit, especially in terms of my singing volume in relation to the rest of the band.  It is sometimes hard for me to figure out how far to stand from the microphone when I'm singing.  But again, there were no glaring errors.
(Left to right) Kevin Reynolds, Dan Lodge-Rigal, and
Matt Zink.  Photo by Emily The Super Friendly
DNR Woman.
We kept the bass up higher in the mix this time, which meant I could ease back on the physicality in which I usually play.  Eventually, I turned my bass down a bit because it was hard for me to hear Kevin when he played Dobro.  Anyway, the excietment/tension of being on stage tends to make me play very physically regardless of my level in the mix - it's probably good I turned down.  As for my singing and playing at the same time, there's still work to be done, but progress continues to be made.

It's hard to say what songs went the best.  I was happy with how "Diamond Joe" turned out, especially since this is a new one in our set and this is the first time we've played it in front of a crowd.  Dan's song "Goodbye Heart" - a favorite of mine to play AND listen to - sounded just fine too. We nailed the ending on that one, which is good because it is sometimes tricky to do so.  Neil Young's "Long May You Run" sounded really good too.  The crowd seemed to really like that one.  It had been awhile since we'd done "Atlantic City", but it sounded very good.  No mistakes at all.  And finally, we did a new one written by Kevin that we "premiered" at this gig.  It went great.

"Same Old River" was a bit sloppy, but we made it through without a complete derail.  Everything else was pretty much dandy!  McCormick's Creek has once more proven to be an incredibly satisfying gig.

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