Tuesday, October 16, 2012

See The Creekdogs Live This Saturday

I keep forgetting to post that this Saturday (20 Oct), the Creekdogs are playing at 7 PM at McCormick's Creek State Park (in their amphitheater).  We will be doing both covers and originals - I think you'll like what you hear.  Our originals especially are coming along nicely.
The Creekdogs are:
Dan Lodge-Rigal:  guitar, mandolin, vocals (and keyboard, banjo and accordion should he decide to bring them along.
Kevin Reynolds:  guitar, mandolin, vocals, harmonica, Dobro, lap steel, resophonic guitar
Matt Zink:  upright bass, vocals

This has become an annual gig for us as we've played the previous two Octobers as well.  It has also become a favorite gig of ours as the cool autumn weather and clear, moonlit skies make it a great excuse to wrap up in a blanket and enjoy the show. If the weather predictions hold true, it looks like it will be another great gig, so make it if you can.  Hilly Hundred riders especially welcome!

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  1. Dude!!! Every single time you have a show, I have no way of getting there because it's Luke's drill weekend. Lame.