Friday, October 12, 2012

The Auditory Storm Of The Arcades Of Yesteryear

The Golden Age of the Arcade came rushing back to me when I found this and its sister site.  Full disclosure:    I am not nor have I ever been in any sense of the word "a gamer".  I wasn't a gamer for three reasons:  a.)  playing video games was frowned upon in our house b.)  I had no steady income (and any income I had was spent on musical gear)  and c.)  I freaking sucked a video games.  However, that didn't stop me from spending as much time as I could hanging out in them.  I liked watching my buddies suck/rule a given video game.

For a non-gamer like me, it was about the ambiance.  This was the domain of the American teen.  The only adults around were tucked safely away behind the counter, scurrying out, frantically jangling keys like some ancient gate keeper when the token exchange machine was busted.  We ran the floor otherwise.  I loved the 8-bit auditory assault, the stale popcorn and acrid body odor smells, the dark, cavernous quality of places like Pac Man Palace (Mounds Mall, Anderson, IN) and Alladin's Castle (Glendale Mall, Indianapolis, IN) and even the shitty prizes - everything.  Tonight, I will probably stick some headphones on, sip some rye whiskey, close my eyes and be immersed in it all again.  And if I had a blowout comb to stick in my rear pocket, I probably would just to make it complete.

Note:  Track by Andy Hofle; can be downloaded from here:
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  1. I was actually pretty good at pinball back in the day. Never did the video games.