Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Change To The Blog Format

It occurs to me that the focus of this blog, or at least the writing, is too myopic and of no real interest to anyone but myself.  As this blog was meant to primarily be an entertaining meditation for me, I'll probably continue on with it anyway.  But I would like to make one change in the hopes it will be a bit more entertaining to everyone who swings by here.

I'm going to start doing "Fat Friday Features" - this blog's showcase of great bass players/bass parts - every other Friday instead of every Friday.  In doing so, it is my hope that those entries will be a bit more carefully thought out/written.  It is also an attempt to introduce a greater diversity of subjects within the confines of "pondering the audio input of my life".


  1. Just want you to know...I do read your blog.

    1. LOL - that's sincerely important to me! Trying to make it less bass-centric, but that is hard for me.