Friday, November 9, 2012

Audio Scratch Pad: Irate Romney Supporter [Not Safe For Work Or Children]

The election is over.  There are winners (Obama, pot, gay marriage, Nate Silver and cold hard data aggregation) and there were losers (Romney, Tea Party backed candidates, conservative pollsters and pundits, conservative PACs).  So now, we get the same tired post-election news stories about the losing party needing to do some "soul searching" and crap about one party/candidate or another having a "mandate from the people".  Of course, the post election coverage will soon cave in under the weight of the coverage of the new movie releases for the Christmas season, end-of-year "best of/worst of" lists, and "how to host the holidays"-type coverage.  We won't have to endure it too much longer.

The one new story that seems to be cropping up in various forms from various outlets is the post election white rage that has exploded in conservative circles.  It's an amazing phenomena - you know it's "viral" (Lord how I hate that word) when there's a Tumblr site for it.  Instead of greeting the results with thoughtful stoicism, we get pissed off one percenters and of course protests filled with racial slurs.  (And what's with Obama's "black face" at the Fox News website?)  It's been a little scary to watch; but mostly it's entertaining.  The one embedded below has orchestral accompaniment that makes it a bit more entertaining, but the original is the stuff of legend.  Take a listen:

I want to be clear:  although most of the election results pleased me a great deal, I'm not gloating.*  All I have to do is remember the darkness that overcame this country from 2000 to 2008.  A kind of hijacking of processes, policy and mentality that will take decades from which to recover (if at all).  Those years will keep me modest.  Instead, I'm presenting this clip for two reasons:

  1. This woman can cuss, and there is something amazing about that.  I'm serious.  There will be a blog entry about this in the future, but some folks make cussing sound like poetry, like song.  A song that that in this case can bludgeon you to death.  Some folks just sound annoying/stupid when they cuss; others are like verbal prize fighters.  It's hard to explain, but this woman's got it going on in the four letter word category.
  2. Regarding this woman's "work" on behalf of conservative causes:  there is this emerging, extremely troubling, uniquely modern way of thinking, that, regardless of your political/moral leanings, people thing that posting links on your Facebook page or tweeting about a given cause is somehow "activism".  Look at the Arab Spring, right?  That was won by Facebook and Twitter, right?  Wrong.  Social media is the tool.  People are the change.  You must go out and live your values.  This poor bitch can post all the links she wants.  Doesn't mean a thing if she's not getting involved.

* - But if I was gloating, I'd like to dedicate this song to Mitt Romney.  Listen to the words.  It works.

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