Friday, November 30, 2012

Fat Friday Feature: Urban Dance Squad's Silvano Matadin On "Man In The Corner"

New readers:  every other Friday I feature a great bass player/bass part.  There's a ton on this blog - just search the blog using the term "Fat Friday Feature".  You'll get your fill of bass awesomeness.  Today, I'd like to bring your attention to Silvano Matadin's playing on "Man On The Corner".

Before I headed out to Wednesday night's audition, I remembered to run down to the basement and grab a handful of old CD's that I hadn't listened to in years.  It was a very, very good call.  Hurtling down the road, blaring the stereo, having my own private party.  It was a great way to get pumped for the audition.  (But again - to drive the point home - there's no substitute for practicing.)

In my slightly over-an-hour commute, I must've listened to at least 3 different Urban Dance Squad songs.  Do you remember Urban Dance Squad?  They peaked out at #21 on the U.S. charts with a pretty good tune called "Deeper Shade Of Soul".  Don't feel bad if you don't remember them - I bet no one does.  But in our family, I have at least three other siblings that gave their album "Mental Floss For The Globe" regular rotation in the '90s.  I think that makes us a pretty big anomaly; I also think we account for about 1/3 of UDS's U.S. fan base.  There are different things I like about each of their songs - there is one that even has pedal steel guitar, and you know how much I love pedal steel guitar - but they consistently have great guitar and bass on every tune.  What I like about the bass playing on "Man On The Corner" is that it is fast but fluid; and there's some funky timing stuff going on in there at points.  It's a great "jam" (as they used to say in the '90s), so take a listen.

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  1. Great selection! This got me to thinking - I don't have any UDS in digital format. I'm going to have to change that ASAP.